Japman Kaur is NBA's 1st Amritdhari & 1st Female Team Attendant for Detroit Pistons

Meet Japman Kaur. You may remember her, and her brother Triman Singh, as, in years past, they have been winners of two different SikhNet competitions. In 2009 these siblings had won first place prize in the SikhNet Youth Film Festival in the Junior category for their film "Kivein Bhullaan - How Can We Forget?" (Japman and Triman have also won prizes in SYANA International Sikh Youth Symposiums). 

Then in 2011 SikhNet launched a script writing competition. We received many submissions and the one we thought was the most appropriate was "Team Khalsa - Save the Langar" written by Japman Kaur and Triman Singh. 

Now this talented young woman has made the news because she has made American history. Not only is she the first female in Detroit Piston's history but also the first amritdhari Sikh to be enrolled as a NBA team attendant. 
Watch the video below. Japman explains, "I actually emailed the application to my brother at first. He was like 'Oh my gosh, this is a once in a life opportunity. You have to apply.' So I applied and when I got hired I was told that I was the first female that they've ever hired. So that was pretty exciting." 
She explained that she is grateful to have a diverse and experienced faculty to work with to guide "newbies like us... cuz it's nerve racking, you have so many cameras around and thousands of people are watching you do your job." 
She also says she's excited as every day is  different, "I feel that every single person on the Pistons is an imporant member of the Pistons. That's something that I've realized: We watch the game and we see the players, we see the coach and the head coach, then there's this whole other group behind so everyone has to work together to make it all work."   
She now has a job in the spotlight, while working in the back ground.

Source: SikhNet

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 9:00pm